Official Website of the Provincial Government of Davao de Oro


The official seal of the Province of Davao de Oro is two-toned and is etched in solid gold. Positioned as the land of gold and the golden, it exhibits the identity of a premier place where people live in prosperity.

The Dove

Placed at the topmost center inside the seal’s golden ring is a dove to symbolize both peace and the Almighty to whom all blessings and endowments emanate.


The 11 sunrays behind the dove 8stands for the dawn of a brand new beginning and the unfolding of a golden chapter for the province. The number 11 represents the 11 municipalities of the province, namely Compostela, Laak, Mabini, Maco, Maragusan, Mawab, Monkayo, Montevista, Nabunturan, New Bataan and Pantukan which remained hopeful, expectant and resilient regardless of the times and the circumstances.


11 identical human characters hold hands on the foot of the mountain. This symbolizes the culture of convergence, or bayanihan, of all 11 towns in the province. All of the 11 characters walk towards one direction, from left to right, without leaving anyone behind.


Placed at the bottom center of the gold ring is 1998, which is the year that the province of Davao de Oro was officially declared independent from Davao del Norte.


The color of the Earth. This color impresses timelessness and the preservation of the value of our name and our people.

The Gold Ring

Enclosing all elements placed at the center is a gold ring, which is the symbol of commitment and solidarity. Inspired by the Solidarity Ring, the ring stands for the golden promise of peace and prosperity for the newly renamed province. It also stands for unity, stability, rich potential, and wealth of natural resources.


The mountain where the dove rests represents the verdant mountains standing tall around the entire province of Davao de Oro. The mountain champions the will to be on top, and the desire for everyone in the province to be at their prime. It also stands of our success and accolades as one province.


The waves beneath the mountain stands for the seas that signify tranquility and dynamism. It is a symbol of balance or the “golden mean” between environmental protection and economic growth.


The wheat on the bottom left of the circle inside the golden ring represents the bountiful harvest and rich natural resources subsumed within the province.


The factory on the bottom right of the circle inside the golden ring is the symbol for booming industries that spur the province’s economic growth.


The color of a precious metal that the province is abundant with. This color corresponds with the idea of reliving the golden age, valuing everything as gold, and raising gold standards at all times. The color gold is associated with wealth and grandeur.
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